Falcon 9 is a good ball sense in stopping and passing the time people can even feel a heavy sense of stability.Adidas F50 Adizero The biggest problem is that the Falcon 9 spikes spike it is designed as a natural grassland the standard spikes landing steadygrab the dungeon but changed to a lack of flexibility starting speed is also a problem .F50 Adizero For Sale But compared to the later F30starting fairly good effect Falcon 9 Falcon 9 because after allis a slim nail shapeand F30 are triangular square nailsstep on the artificial grass and rubber particles sticky feeling too heavy . Falcon 9 Another advantage is relatively thick leather when the stampede occurred the risk of injury is also smaller in the shotthe energy aggregation effectbut the effect of the release of energy was relatively goodat least as good as the later Nike Assassin series and buy a new F30-G40286.Falcon 9 is a plastic toe phenomenon is also particularly powerfuljust two monthson a substantial open plastic . Figure 9 and fluorescent green version of Assassin 7 pictures together Adidas Predator. Figure 10 is a plastic toe photosoriginal 18XX Falcon 9 I only spent 400 yuan to purchase but also the last pair and the code number of small unwantedbut my big toe injuries ......

Before introducing so many spikes are some of the more advanced herbaceous better suited stadium but this time to introduce the two spikes Adidas Predator For Sale: MG AG spikes and studs more suitable for ordinary fans ( like me in ) I strongly recommend !
MG spikes full name : Multi Groundmulti-purpose venue. This is well understood that isreal grass ahpeople grass ahah good or bad do not have control go directly put kick enjoy cool.Real F50 Adizero For national conditions ( no derogatory meaning ) I would rather recommend MG studs and spikes AG (hereinafter have introduced ) . But relatively few MG spikes shoes leather is not very goodbecause the wildcard Well certainly not good for it. Price compared to SGFGHG is also much cheaper football is such a lot of players with spikes Authentic Adidas Soccer Shoes. Recommended ~
AG spikes full name : Artificial Groundartificial venue. This does not explaina new out spikes designed specifically for people grass Adidas Nitrocharge. Adidas and Nike have this style shoes. I pass through a pair of assassins 6AGnails short very suitable for artificial turf acceleration and steering moderatebut note that the decent people of grass ah if have been like with carpet you still honestly it on TF ( next article will be introduced ) Adidas 11pro. But there is a drawback intermediate AG Nike spikes are hollow in the grass above the playing sometimes people will go into the black rubber . A little egg bones of itI do not understand why such a design possibly to light. Howevernothing other brands it is strongly recommended - this article describes two spikes : MG AG spikes and studs I strongly recommend that in most domestic space more suitable for these two studs but MG shoes more difficult to get nailed shoes style is relatively small may wish to consider ag spikes future trends Authentic Predator!

I do not know where my friends usually wear what kind Real Adidas World Cup Shoes of shoes to play I was in Beijing cold weather can play indoorsthe weather is good you can to the outdoors sometimes in small plastic venues kick 5V5 venues sometimes kicking 7-9 the large field of artificial grass people halftime sometimes kicking big field of 11 people most depressing is occasionally played in venues not going to play I do not know in advance of site conditions site or hard or soft artificial grass or thin or thick always to bring two pairs of shoes to the scene and then decide what to wear double Authentic Adidas Soccer Cleats.Maybe some friends say I do not care any venue I have a pair of shoes which we will see a lot of friends in the inappropriate site conditions or that skating or will stilts in shortwas very unhappy . I would like to personally experience playing here and explore the market share of all kinds of soccer shoes in the end what is best for the public. Face manufacturers hype surrounding many friends Cheap Adidas Nitrocharge have recently bought rice C Lo endorsement Assassin 5 top version superflyand some friends bought the SG version of ADI PURE IItwo shoes look really good but the combination of China 's conditionsthe real meaning of these two pairs of shoes is too low wearing such shoes to normal artificial grass football bad shoes is not only easy but also vulnerable because they are designed for professional athletes and only in the soft natural grass to maximize performance.All in allwe usually are not very easy to Adidas Soccer Shoes Online enjoy top- natural grassland only need to buy the most suitable for ordinary grass or concrete or plastic shoes can be. Without further ado enter the key the following shoes almost all can be called universal shoeswalking shoes basically can do a world of effects all TF broken nails at the end .